Pikitup’s Council Services include:

Domestic and Business round collected refuse

  • Domestic Waste Collection  | RCR (Round collected refuse). This is a service provided by Pikitup, once a week, to all the citizens living in formal dwellings
  • Business Waste Collection |  BRCR (Business round collected refuse) – 85 litre, 120 litre, 240 litre bins
  • Dailies (Putrescible) Waste Collection

Litter Bin management
Procurement, placement, fixing, maintenance and replacement of litter bins

Street cleaning, Lane flushing, Area cleaning
Pikitup offers unique cleaning services. Cleaning of all litter, waste, from the entire road reserve, including the street, verges, and gutters.

Collection and disposal of Animal carcases in public places
Collection and disposal of animal kills & animal carcasses in public places.

Collection of illegally dumped waste
Collection and disposal of illegally dumped waste in road reserves and vacant land

The facilitation of Waste Management and Recycling activities
Pikitup collects recyclable material from residents who separate their waste at their properties.

Garden Site operations
Pikitup has 42 garden refuse sites where residents can dispose of light garden waste. The utility provides containers for the organic matter at each of these sites. The refuse placed into the containers is then transferred to a disposal site or taken to one of our composting sites. All Pikitup Garden sites have receptacles for recycled material i.e. glass, paper, cans and plastic. Some of the sites also have an e-waste recycling facility.