Meet Our Characters

Power: He has power over recyclable materials.Personality: Recyclo is the group-leader and has those traits. He is responsible, protective and organised. If you need a good plan, he’s your man. He is the head of the group.


Power: Super agility and strength. He uses his power to navigate his way swiftly through urban settings, and stop litterbugs in their tracks.
Personality: Litter-X is quick-witted and cool. But when it comes to litter he becomes very serious. Whether it’s big companies practicing illegal dumping, or one man throwing a can into the street, Litter-X will take them down and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. He is the muscle of the group.

Power: Lynx can talk to animals and ask them to do her bidding. Personality: Being a wild child, Lynx can be very cheeky and open-minded. She’s a hot-headed young lady and she’s not afraid to speak her mind, whether to animals, friends, or enemies. She is the soul of the group.

Power: Sky can control all vegetation. By making more trees grow from the earth she is helping to reduce the carbon footprint, thereby clearing the air of smog. This connection to air also helps her fly. Personality: Sky is the sweet, rooted one in the group. She really cares about the planet. She may be soft-spoken, but she knows how to get her point across. She is the heart of the group.

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