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Pikitup, the City of Johannesburg’s waste management entity has noted with reservations an article headlined A World-Class Dump in the Star Newspaper afternoon edition yesterday, 16 August 2016.

The article, unfortunately, further insinuate that Pikitup’s high fees lead to illegal dumping of mixed waste. We therefore wish to share the following facts for the record.

In the 2014/15 audited integrated annual report, Pikitup, through a contracted service cleared a total of over 276 000 tonnes of illegally dumped waste in open spaces across the City. This is an increase of 21% compared to the 2013/14 figures.

This tonnage is as a result of illegal and irresponsible disposal of waste by some residents, business owners and contractors in and around Johannesburg. The concomitant direct costs were in the order of over R50 million to clear illegal dumping across the city.

In the same period, the entity, as part of its separation at source programme, diverted a total of over 81 000 tonnes of dry, green waste and builder’s rubble compared with over 31 000 tonnes diverted in the prior period.

Disposal of waste at the entity’s active four landfill sites including Marie Louise, Goudkoppies, Robinson Deep and Ennerdale is regulated through the City’s Bylaws and Council approved tariffs for each reporting period.

In terms of the City’s bylaws, any person whether big or small is required to pay a disposal fee at landfill sites. The current ruling tariffs for the 2016-17 reporting period are as a tabulated below. It should be noted that disposal of clean or non-contaminated builders rubble is accepted free of charge at all these landfill sites.

2016/17 Tariff structure for waste disposal at landfill sites
Disposal Type Tonnage (kg) Tariff (excl. VAT
Refuse disposal – except special industrial waste (i.e. hazardous chemicals or paints etc.) 500kg R96
Refuse disposal for special industrial waste (i.e. reclassified chemical or paints as non-hazardous material) 250kg R96
Refuse disposal-except special industrial waste done after 12:00pm on Saturday, the whole day on Sunday and Public Holidays 500kg R116
Refuse disposal (organic) waste: free at garden sites 500kg R102
Refuse disposal of clean and non-contaminated soil or builders rubble 0 0
Refuse disposal outside COJ- soil and other materials suitable for covering landfills 500kg R143
Safe disposal of perishable goods 1 ton R2 415
500kg and under R1 208



In addition to the enforcement of the bylaw, Pikitup will continue and endeavour to promote education and awareness in ensuring that Johannesburg is a litter free City.  We wish to re-emphasise the message that achieving a clean City requires a collective effort and therefore call upon all concerned to work with us in partnership to maintain Johannesburg as World Class African City.


We appeal to residents and small business operators to utilise the strategically located 42 garden sites in disposing off small quantities of any form of waste free of charge instead of disposing it in open spaces.


The City of Johannesburg is your HOME! Don’t trash it. Recycle, Re-use and Reduce.


For more information, contact:

Jacky Mashapu

Pikitup Spokesperson

Cell: 079 506 0568

Tel:  087 357 1193



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