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Our vision is; “to be the leading integrated waste management company in Africa and be considered amongst the best in the World.” This is in line with the vision of the City of Johannesburg, which is to be “a World Class African City”.


Our mission is; “To provide sustainable and innovative waste management solutions that exceed stakeholder expectations”.


The organisational values that guide and direct all our interactions with external and internal stakeholders are:

Exceptional Service Ethic  | Putting the customer first, thereby achieving the highest customer satisfaction index.

Environmental Consciousness  | Being environmental activists and a sought-after group of people.

Respect for Human Dignity  | Trust, integrity and respect for each other’s culture, religion and beliefs.

Good Corporate Citizenship | Loyalty towards our organization, colleagues, community and the country at large.

Unity of Purpose | Teamwork, perseverance, embracing change, determination, exceptional commitment and relationship building.

Result driven | Understanding Pikitup’s strategy and its objectives, and relating it to areas where efforts should be focused.

Innovative | Providing innovative waste solutions by providing systems, and technologies that require the innovative thinking of specialists in the field of waste management.

Continuous Improvement | Maintaining a competitive edge over our competitors, by continuously improving business processes in waste management   solutions, and in the company.