Update on  Pikitup’s illegal work stoppage wednesday 28 November. The management of Pikitup, the City of Johannesburg Waste Management entity wishes to inform all residents and businesses serviced by the company, that we have obtained an interim court yesterday barring SAMWU and all its members from participating in an unprotected and unlawful strike action. The court order further instructs all workers to report to their respective workstations with immediate effect, to continue to render their services as per their contract of employment. In the meantime, all law enforcement agencies (South African Police Service and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department) have been informed to enforce the court order should SAMWU and its members decide to defy the order issued by the Labour Court, in Johannesburg. The situation still remains tense at all Pikitup’s depots. For security reasons and in the interest of protecting non-striking workers, the collection of refuse bins from households and business across the city has been temporarily suspended until the situation is back to normal. Pikitup apologises for any inconvenience which may be caused as a result of the service delivery interruptions and will provide regular  updates on the situation.



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