Pikitup, the City of Johannesburg’s waste management company has resolved to suspend the weekly #KleenaJoburg campaign due to the prevalence of the Coronavirus. This is in response to a pronouncement by the President of South Africa that gatherings of more than 100 people be avoided.

The modus operandi of the #KleenaJoburg campaign involves gathering a significant number of people who volunteer to clean-up their neighborhoods on a weekly basis. As a caring City we have taken a decision to suspend the campaign to ensure the health and safety of our citizens.

Despite the suspension of the clean-up campaign, communities are encouraged to continue to clean their surrounding areas in small groups. Communities can contact Pikitup to request assistance with plastic bags and a collection truck.

Pikitup has also reinforced its operations to include issuing of additional plastic bags and increased frequency collection in high-density areas like informal settlements. Residents are requested to tighten plastic bags when disposing them. Skip bins will be strategically placed in these areas for ease of waste disposal. The residents are requested to deposit the waste inside the skip bins which Pikitup will collect on a regular basis.

The rollout of the 240 Litre bins is underway as a means of assisting our residents to better manage their waste. Pikitup’s Garden sites can also be utilized to dispose-off excess waste.  “You clean it, we Pik It Up”.

We further encourage our residents to adopt sound waste management practices by reducing, reusing and recycling waste. In addition, residents should refrain from illegal dumping and report such behavior to the JMPD illegal dumping hotline 082 779 1361. We wish to thank the residents of the City who have been participating in the campaign since its inception in December, it has gained a lot of traction and made a difference.

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