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Stakeholder engagement and the involvement of organised labour, business and civil society, is key to our success. We recognise that greater effort needs  to be placed on community leaders, ward councillors, ward committees and other organisations to assist us. We are mobilising all of our stakeholders, to assist us in changing the way we behave in relation to waste management. We have developed a number of projects that will assist us to achieve this.

Corporate Clean Up Partnership:
Partnering with the City’s biggest corporate tenants, we are cleaning  up the inner city and other secondary business districts in Johannesburg.

Pikitup Ambassadors:
We have identified celebrated individuals to assist us in raising awareness of our various waste minimization initiatives.
“Adopt a street” Partnership: Together with our corporate partners were are working to ensure that our business clients work with us, to keep the streets around their offices clean. Pikitup supplies refuse collection bags and co-ordinates collection of refuse.

RCR Touch points:
Pikitup visits every household in the city, at least once a week. We have idententified this as an ideal platform from which to engage our customers.