Southdale Pikitup Depot gets a R24 million facelift

It’s out with the old and in with the new for Pikitup Southdate Depot, after the Member of Mayoral Committee for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Councillor Nico de Jager, and Pikitup officials re-opened the depot following R24 million refurbishment and renovations.

The renovations of changing rooms, toilets, offices, the erection of new fence and new hall came about after numerous complaints about the condition of their previous facilities, which exposed them to unsafe working environment.

Cllr Nico de Jager said the City is committed in restoring the dignity of workers and creating a conducive working environment.

“When I came here in 2016 during a roadshow, I was very disturbed. It was raining and workers had to stand outside because there was no hall, that’s when I knew we had to do something to change the situation,” Cllr De Jager said.

He urged the workers to take care of the facilities and avoid vandalism which he said it’s rife at the Pikitup facilities.

Region F Regional Director Irene Mafune commended the work that the workers were doing, especially at the Inner City. “Every time I drive in the Inner City, I see Pikitup workers working. It is now cleaner than it used to be because of your dedication and commitment.”

She said they are soon going to embark on a door-to-door educational drive to educate residents about recycling.

Mavis Thulare, a Pikitup employee, said for an institution that “preaches about cleanliness and recycling” to its employees and residents, the state of the previous facilities was a huge contradiction.

“After working on the streets, we can now come here and take a hot shower, which previously wasn’t the case because the water was cold,” she said with a smile. The project started in June 2017 and was completed on time and within the set budget.

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