MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services Department Cllr Mpho Moerane and the Managing Director of Pikitup Ms Bukelwa Njingolo take pleasure in informing residents and stakeholders of the City of Johannesburg about the establishment of a Pikitup in-house Call Centre.
The Pikitup Call Centre has been established to relieve pressure experienced by the City of Johannesburg’s Centralized Call Centre, which is dealing with large call volumes pertaining to all services provided by the City.
This has resulted in desperate Pikitup clients directly calling the waste management company complaining about service delivery delays. Some clients have resolved to flooding Pikitup’s reception area demanding to be serviced, without having logged calls nor being in possession of the required reference numbers before their complaints could be addressed.
It is against this backdrop that Pikitup resolved to establish an in-house Call Centre. Pikitup’s Call Centre is by no means replacing or substituting the City of Johannesburg’s Centralised Call Centre.
The Pikitup Call Centre has been put in place to enhance service delivery by resolving Pikitup customer queries within the acceptable Service Standards Levels. The Call Centre will assist residents with the following queries:
• Skip Bins;
• Business Bins;
• Household bin replacement;
• Recycling;
• Bulk Waste;
• Illegal dumping & street cleaning;
• Refuse collection of bins & bags;
• General queries.
Residents are advised to use both Call Centre numbers to avoid a situation where a flurry of calls are directed at a single point of contact:
• Pikitup’s Call Centre number: 010 055 5990
• Operating hours: 8 am to 16.30pm
• City’s Call Centre number: 011 375 5555 or 086 562 874
• Alternatively, queries can be emailed to info@pikitup.co.za

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