Pikitup the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg warns service providers about the circulation of a fraudulent request to supply 350 litter plastic wheelie bins tender document.

The fraudulent invitation to bid document is written on a fraudulent Pikitup document and contains key information that is not used by the waste management company. Pikitup uses a bid number that starts with either of the following letters PUK or PIK followed by a number as opposed to the fraudulent’s bid document number which is referred to as Part Number with the letters LBM followed by a number.

Pikitup does not issue 350 litter bins indicated on the fraudulent document. It only issues out 240 litter bins for domestic waste. Furthermore, the contact details contained in the fraudulent document are not Pikitup’s telephone numbers nor does the person listed as a contact person work for the company. In the fraudulent tender documents the contact person is a Nosipho Mbatha who can be contacted on the following numbers: 011 219 7444, Pikitup does not use such a number and in the main, its numbers are either 087 or 011 712. The email address on the fraudulent document is stated as nosipho.mbatha@piktup.co.za , this email address does not belong to Pikitup because all the email addresses at Pikitup spell the company’s name correctly as Pikitup instead of Piktup.

Lastly, Pikitup does not send tender documents to service providers but advertises them on its website as opposed to emailing them to service providers.  It is against this backdrop that Pikitup warns business people and the public to refrain from responding to any document that bears the fraudulent information that has been shown above. In the event that members of the public would like to enquire about Pikitup tenders please visit the Pikitup website on www.pikitup.co.za or call 011 712-5200 and ask for the SCM department. Ends.For more information, please contact:Muzi Mkhwanazi071 312 7757muzimkhwanazi@pikitup.co.za

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