Pikitup re-opens the Goudkoppies Landfill site

Pikitup the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg has re-opened the Goudkoppies landfill site.

The site was re-opened today (04 March 2022) for business after it had been closed following the fatal shootings that occurred at the site on 11 January this year. During the shooting incident one Pikitup employee was killed and four (4) security guards contracted to the waste management company were also killed.

During the closure, Pikitup was busy improving the security features of the site which amongst others include, off site monitoring, motion sensors, increased illumination, and additional specialized security personnel operating on a 24 hour basis and CCTV cameras.

The re-opening on the site will improve waste collection services particularly in region G because waste that was collected in the region was disposed at the Robison landfill as well the Marie Louise landfill sites which were subjected to huge volumes of trucks to dispose waste at the sites. This result in huge backlogs waste collection services.

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