The management of Pikitup were alerted on 14 May 2020 that two family members of one of the employees at the Norwood depot have tested positive for Covid-19. 

The employee has since been tested by the Wellness department and the results are pending. Consequent to this discovery, management resolved to immediately close the depot as a precautionary measure for 14 days.

All employees at the depot have also been placed on self-quarantine for the same period. Pikitup has deployed augmented services to assist in ensuring continuity of services in areas serviced by the Norwood depot.

The table below illustrates operations at the Norwood depot from 15 May – 01 June 2020:

Pikitup management also noted the false information being circulated on various media platforms about the non-delivery of services in the Norwood depot area. Management would like to assure residents in the area that waste collection services are continuing despite the depot shutdown.

Residents are encouraged to visit Pikitup’s social media platforms for updates about service delivery. The information can be obtained on Pikitup’s twitter handle @CleanerJorburg and facebook page (www.Facebook.com/Pikitup (A Cleaner Joburg).

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