Pikitup, the waste management entity of the City of Johannesburg continues to render waste collection services during the lockdown period and appeals to residents to take a precautionary measure of sanitizing their bin lids.

Despite Pikitup employees being provided with protective clothing during this period, the call is made to residents to practice extra caution when handling their 240L bins to ensure that we protect one another. We also wish to reiterate that waste plastic bags should be tied at all times.

Residents are also reminded that Pikitup’s garden sites which are located in all the seven regions of the City are operational. Residents are advised to use these facilities to dispose of their excess waste and recyclable. To locate a garden site please visit www.pikitup.co.za or call the nearest Pikitup depot. 

Furthermore, Pikitup is aware of fake messages circulating on various social media platforms intimating that residents are required to donate tinned food or money to its employees.

It is against Pikitup’s policy to request residents to offer any kind of donations to its employees or for its employees to make such requests. Residents are advised to report such incidents to Pikitup and must obtain the following details where possible:

  • The registration details of the Pikitup truck concerned
  • Time and area where the incident has occurred and report such incidences to the following number: 011 712 5200.

Residents are also advised to be on the lookout for fake news. All official communication during the lockdown period is issued by the City of Johannesburg’s Group Communications Department on its official letterhead, through official social media accounts and Councillors where necessary. Residents are therefore urged to disregard all communication pertaining to Pikitup that comes from other sources except the City of Johannesburg.

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