MMC Moerane launches Pikitup’s new waste management model

I had the pleasure of launching Pikitup’s new co-production model at the company’s Southdale depot on Wednesday, 03 February 20201. 

The co-production model is expected to create 2 025 employment opportunities in all the regions of the City of Johannesburg and is supportive of the #KleenaJoburgReloaded clean-up campaign, in addition to augmenting Pikitup’s operations.

Each ward in the City will be capacitated with 15 Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) employees, who will assist with waste-management issues. This model entails the appointment of co-operatives, non-profit companies and exempted micro-enterprises, to ensure improved integrated waste management services in the City.

Pikitup has appointed 48 companies that will in turn appoint EPWP workers to assist with the management of litter-picking, street cleaning and conducting education and awareness programmes.

We need to take ownership of the City’s cleanliness by all who reside in it. It is easy to blame government for everything each time our City is littered with trash. However, as we launch this programme today to help enhance cleanliness in our streets, it is important for us to note that the responsibility to keep our City clean remains with all of us.

Co-operatives need to hire people who reside in their wards because such people will be responsible for ensuring that local residents do not litter nor dispose of waste illegally.

Although JMPD is responsible for by-law enforcement, which includes arresting and imposing fines on people who litter and those who dump waste illegally, their efforts were insufficient because of a range of reasons. Residents need to be educated about the importance of a clean environment was the best option available to ensure a cleaner Joburg.

The appointed co-operatives, non-governmental organisation and micro- enterprises was critical in ensuring that Joburg rids itself of the tag of being a dirty City. EPWP workers employed must also be responsible for recording and reporting incidences such as potholes, dysfunctional traffic lights, leaking pipes and monitoring of and managing illegal dumping spots, ensuring that such spots do not recur in future.

People who are going to be employed must be furnished with Covid-19 protective clothing. I do not want to be called and be asked how is it possible that half of the people who have been employed are now Covid-19 positive. Covid-19 is serious, and I urge all the co-operatives who will be employing the people to ensure that their employees are protected against the virus.

I appeal to the co-operatives to work with ward councillors to mitigate possible cases of people who might demand to be employed without following the correct processes.

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