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Pikitup, the City of Joburg’s waste management entity is increasing its continuous efforts in the fight against illegal dumping. As the inner city and communities are under-siege from businesses and members of the community who are illegally dumping their waste or building rubble in open fields or by the side of the road or in dark alleys in the city. Not only is this practice a punishable offence, but this negligent behaviour creates health risks and the spread of diseases in their areas is relatively high.

It costs the City approximately R170 million per annum to clean up street littering and illegal dump sites money that could be far better utilised in building 7 350 RDP houses, acquiring 588 new ambulances or any number of other projects to bring the city up to world-class standards and providing basic services.

“It is imperative therefore, that businesses and residents of the City work with us to ensure that all our waste is disposed of in the proper manner”, says Musa Jack, Executive Director: Waste Minimisation Strategy and Programmes. “Pikitup has various garden and landfill sites where residents can dispose of builder’s rubble and other forms of waste. City residents are also urged to use registered companies like Pikitup for their waste removal needs”.

“Pikitup is working with JMPD to help us catch the culprits and combat this problem. Pikitup has entered into an MOU with JMPD who has the responsibility to enforce the City’s by-laws by issuing fines to those who have been caught dumping illegally,” confirmed Jack.

Residents who witness incidents of illegal dumping are urged to report this as a matter of urgency. You will need to submit the following information:

•Date and time of the incident
• The location
• Type of material dumped
• If possible, a photograph of the vehicle with the vehicle registration plates clearly indicated

To report illegal dumping:
• Metro police city by-law enforcement 082 467 9434
• Joburg Connect 011 375 5911 (after hours) or 011 375 5555 (office hours)
• Pikitup 011 712 5200 or will remove building rubble from pavements
for a nominal fee)
For more information on Pikitup’s refuse collection schedule, residents can contact Joburg Connect on (011) 375-5555/0860 562874 (0860 JOBURG) or send an e-mail to

Issued by Pikitup

For any further media enquiries please contact:
Desiree Ntshingila: 079 506 0568
GM: Communication and Stakeholder Management

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