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“to be the leading integrated waste management company in Africa and be considered amongst the best in the World.”

Since Pikitup Johannesburg (Pikitup) is a wholly owned entity of the City of Johannesburg (the City) its abovementioned vision is therefore derived from that of the City which is to be a World Class African City.

Pikitup’s vision illustrates its commitment to achieving optimal performance through continuous improvement and being the best waste management company in Africa. Through the services it renders and the technology it employs it would also be considered amongst the best waste management companies in the world.


Pikitup’s mandate is informed by the following points, derived from the Executive Mayor’s 2014 State of the City Address:

  • Joburg remains committed to the Polokwane Declaration of zero waste to landfill sites;
  • City will take leadership, but the public needs to be part of the solution;
  • Implementation of Separation @ Source city-wide at large scale to increase tonnages of waste diverted from landfills;
  • Motivation of Communities to sort waste at household level;
  • Employing community to collect, transport and sort all waste streams including education and awareness;
  • A clean City

    Pikitup will continue to deliver on its mandate to provide sustainable integrated waste management services whilst introducing a shift towards addressing the imperatives of the Growth and Development Strategy (GDS 2040), as part of changing course. The new model will be implemented incrementally starting in the Zondi depot area in August 2014. The remainder of the Soweto area will then also be fully incorporated by Jan 2015 with additional areas in the city incorporated as the programme unfolds. Pikitup’s approach to changing course is informed by the GDS paradigm, which responds to the global, national and regional challenges of climate change, resource constraints, the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment, and inequality, as well as improving the overall governance and compliance environment in the company.