Goudkoppies rehabilitation and restoration close to completion.

Meaningful progress is being made in stabilizing and securing the Goudkoppies landfill site and cleaning up of the adjacent Lapland informal settlement.

On Friday, April 1st, MMC for Environment, Infrastructure and Services Department Cllr Michael Sun led an oversight visit of the area.

This after the site was closed in January after contracted and internal security guards to the Pikitup’s Goudkoppies Waste Landfill site were attacked by armed men resulting in the death of three guards. “The damage done to the Goudkoppies landfill site such as the perimeter wall is not fully restored yet but work can now commence as the encroaching informal structures have been dealt with. But I’m satisfied that significant progress is being made and the facility is ready to be opened to service the residents of Joburg,” said MMC Sun.

“We do not only want to restore and secure this landfill site but also ensure that opportunities within the recycling economy benefit people here. A system will be put in place by Pikitup to include and better manage the legitimate waste reclaimers in the area.” The informal settlement near Eldorado Park and Devland was established on a wetland and has grown to about 5 000 with residents sorting out waste for recycling as a living. Over the years, the nuisances and crime festered into several murders and serious environmental damage in the area. The multi-agency orientated approach led by MMC Sun includes City’s EISD, Pikitup, Regional Citizen Relationship Urban Management, Department of Housing, Group Legal, Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, and the South African Police Service and Department of Home Affairs was able to see substantial progress in resolving the problems that have been troubling the Eldorado Park and Pimville residents for many years. The MMC was joined by the Speaker of Council, Councillor Vasco da Gama, local Councillor Juwairiya Kaldine and stakeholders and community members. “I appreciate the work already done here, we can’t rest until the situation is improved in the long term,” said Cllr Da Gama.

Cllr Kaldine echoed this sentiment. “It’s only been a little over three months since MMC Sun took charge under the new Multi-party government but we can see the difference. The people of Eldorado Park deserve the change being made here.”
MMC Sun has also implored law enforcement agencies to diligently continue their work to properly investigate the shooting and bring those responsible to justice. “We cannot have all the good work being done here undermined by criminals who don’t want to see meaningful change,” said MMC Sun.


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