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Pikitup is implementing a number of Flagship projects, which are designed to assist us, in our delivering on our strategy to reduce the amount of waste generated in our City. These projects vary in scope, and scale, and involve a range of different stakeholders.

We provide residents with recycling bags on a weekly basis. These can be collected, or dropped off at our Pikitup Garden Sites, found across the city. We work with co-operatives and small enterprises to collect, and sort the recyclable waste collected from households and businesses. These initiatives create additional jobs, businesses and income for the unemployed residents within the City. You can plaaly your part by making sure by putting recyclable materials (paper, plastic, cans, bottles and electronic waste) in allocated bins in public places, stores and garden sites. To see what material can be recycled, please click on our Resources tab.

We provide 108 individuals across the City with food packages. In exchange, they are required to keep designated areas clean. Through this project, we are hoping to encouraging recycling as a viable means of income generation in our poorer communities. To date, we have successfully piloted it in Orange Farm, and have successfully converted five illegal dumping sites into community food gardens. The project is run in partnership with City’s Community Development department.

11036496_10153124944169323_8653544524637822989_nJOBURG WASTE SUMMIT
The people of Johannesburg produce in the region of 6000 tons of waste per day, most of which is directed to the City’s four active landfill sites. The Joburg Waste Summit aims to provide an opportunity for Pikitup to share its Waste Minimisation Strategy, and gain support from communities, labour and private sector companies.