The services of Pikitup, the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg, will be disrupted today because Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) employees have embarked on protest action.
The protest action by the EPWP employees has resulted in them closing depot gates thus preventing Pikitup trucks and employees from leaving the depots. The EPWP employees undertook the protest action demanding to be paid their stipends immediately.
The non-payment of the stipends is as a result of EPWP employees not submitting all the required documentation to allow for the facilitation of payment on time. This is despite, Pikitup requesting the documentation on numerous occasions from them. The required documents were submitted after the payroll closure.
In the interim, Pikitup has made a special arrangement with the City’s Finance Department to make payments today, the 7th of February 2020. However, because this is a special payment arrangement the money will not reflect immediately in the bank accounts of the EPWP employees, as do normal payroll payments.
Therefore, depending on the bank accounts of the affected EPWP employees, some will receive their payments during the course of the day while others will get the money tomorrow.
EPWP employees have been contracted by Pikitup to assist the company to clear waste backlogs experienced during the festive season.
Pikitup apologises for the inconvenience caused and reassures residents of the City that it is doing everything in its power, to resolve the impasse to restore its services to normal.

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