City of Joburg MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services Department (EISD) Cllr Mpho Moerane has requested City Power to investigate the cause of the burst transformer that resulted in a fire that engulfed the Panorama Compost site in Roodepoort.
The Johannesburg Emergency Services has been able to contain the fire, which broke out just before midnight on Monday 28 September 2020 following a burst City Power transformer. The Emergency services spent the entire night ensuring that the fire is contained.
The Johannesburg Emergency Services has confirmed that the fire has been contained and announced that due to the large heaps of garden waste at the site and the fact that the fire had reached the core of the waste, it would take approximately eight to 10 days for the resultant cloud of smoke to clear.
The fire quickly spread out, setting alight the garden waste.
Pikitup was also spreading the embers and putting them out of the bottom of the heap with the aim of fast-tracking efforts to clear the billowing smoke. Residents living next to the garden site had been exposed to the air pollution that resulted from the smoke that has been billowing from the fire debris.
In most cases, damage to City Power infrastructure has been the result of illegal connections and vandalism by residents. Illegal connections have been the main culprit, costing City Power about R2billion annually. Residents are therefore urged to refrain from and report any acts of illegal connections and vandalism to infrastructure. City Power will investigate the source of this incident to determine if it was related to such illegal acts.
The MMC would like to assure the residents that all the necessary steps are being undertaken to ensure that the smoke is cleared expeditiously to prevent further harm to the people and the environment.

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