City condemns the setting alight of Central Camp Depot by protesters

The City is disappointed to note that refuse collection disruptions, which have been taking place across the City over the last four weeks, have intensified into criminal activity, seen this morning at Pikitup’s Central Camp depot near Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
This morning, the depot in question was set alight by protesters.
The protestors outnumbered the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers, who were deployed to maintain peace and had to force their way into the depot.
JMPD has intensified its deployment to the depot and will be on high alert within the Region to avoid further incidents of this nature.
Emergency Management Services have succeeded in containing the blaze. However, serious damage was done to infrastructure at the depot, which will frustrate service delivery to residents in the Region.
Both Public Safety MMC, Cllr Michael Sun, and the Environmental, Infrastructure and Service Delivery (EISD) MMC, Cllr Nico de Jager, strongly condemn this act of criminality.
MMC Sun says “We will not sit back and allow this kind of thuggery and destruction of the City’s property go unpunished. JMPD has instructions to deal with any offenders without hesitation and we will ensure other culprits are apprehended to face the full might of the law.”
MMC De Jager also added that “This kind of behavior is not at all acceptable and must be fully condemned. While the City respects every resident’s right to protest, such must be within the confines of the law. The City will not be intimidated by criminals.”
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A Pikitup representative added, “We wish to place on record that these service delivery disruptions are not perpetrated nor perpetuated by Pikitup’s own staff; rather, they are by those people who allegedly did not meet the criteria for in sourcing.”

MMCs Sun and De Jager_Statement_City condemns the setting alight of Central Camp Depot by protestors

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