Pikitup Central Camp depot will not be rendering waste collection services in its operational areas due to the confirmation that an employee has tested positive for Covid-19.

Operations at the depot have been stopped with effect from Monday 06 July to the 9th of July 2020. The closure of the depot is in line with the national Covid-19 protocol guidelines aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. During the closure the depot will be decontaminated. Pikitup has also established that the direct contacts to the Covid-19 positive employee were largely supervisors and as a result service delivery through augmented services cannot be rendered without supervision.  

Consequently, waste collection services in areas serviced by the depot will be adversely affected. It is against this backdrop that Pikitup is appealing to residents for patience and understanding during this unfortunate phase. The depot will re-open on Friday and the operational recovery plan entails that work must continue over the weekend.

Pikitup further appeals to residents in areas serviced by the depot where possible to dispose of their waste in its integrated waste management facility situated at Inkomo Iyahlaba circle in Orlando East which is adjacent to the municipal offices in Orlando East, Soweto.

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