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The Time for Working in Silos is Over.

Business gathered at the JCC House in Milpark on Monday, 13 June 2016 for the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘Meet the City Series’. Executive Director Musa Jack represented Pikitup on the panel and was joined by Johannesburg Water Managing Director Lungile Dlhamini and Johannesburg Roads Agency Managing Director Dr. Sean Phillips, where the state of the City was discussed, in relation to the respective entities.


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The keynote by the President of the JCCI Samuel Mohlaule, established the context of the programme. He highlighted the importance of working with SMMEs, saying corporate South Africa should not wait to be pressured, however should align with transformation. He urged business to support and integrate this sector into their procurement programmes and supplier development initiatives as this has potential to create more jobs. Mohlaule also touched on the open tender system with emphasis the fact that if run well, this could be a promoter of solutions in the economy.

Speaking on Pikitup’s relevance for participating in such platforms, Musa Jack said that part of Pikitup’s stakeholder engagement strategy is geared at ensuring Pikitup’s on-going commitment to partner, involve, collaborate, consult and empower all its key stakeholders for the purpose of learning from past engagement experiences and continue to improve performance. This follows the Pikitup Waste Dialogue, which was held early this month, where corporate South Africa was urged to take an active role in utilising reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution and ecological degradation, in order to secure ecologically sustainable development for future .

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Jack also hinted on the exciting programmes that Pikitup has embarked on, to meet the 2040 goal of 7% waste to landfills. She mentioned that Pikitup had invested a lot in programmes such as Separation@Source, Jozi@Work and the Eco-Rangers Schools Campaign. “Pikitup will continue to invest, partner with or support stakeholders who are keen on preserving the environment and assisting us in meeting our core mandate,” she said.

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She did however, admit that for Pikitup to improve its stakeholder engagement with all its key stakeholders, it will require a paradigm shift towards ensuring that the public at large is mobilised to change their behaviour when disposing any form of waste stream with the aim to protect the natural landscape and the environment of the City of Johannesburg.




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