Ten people including three Pikitup employees were arrested in the South of Johannesburg last week on charges of fraud and misrepresentation.
The three implicated Pikitup employees are stationed at various depots and will face internal disciplinary process.
Pikitup Acting Chief Operations Officer Mzu Tshem said the implicated staff members are aware that the organisation does not allow staff members to ask for Christmas gifts from residents.
“Workers are consistently being told and reminded to refrain from asking Christmas donations from residents. The implicated workers will be subjected to internal disciplinary action as a result,” he said.
Two men dressed in Pikitup uniform were arrested in Mondeor, after a member of the area Community Policing Forum questioned them about their presence in the area. One of the two men had a fictitious Pikitup identification and a forged company letter head granting them permission to ask for donations from residents.
In the Glenvista/ Bassonia area four men who also pretended to the Pikitup employees were arrested.
In Glenanda, also in the South of Johannesburg, a Pikitup employee stationed at the Selby depot was arrested in the act of asking for Christmas donations from residents using a fictitious letter from the organisation, while a further three Pikitup employees were arrested in Mulbarton, also asking for donations from residents.
Pikitup appeals to Johannesburg residents to report such incidents to their Community Policing Forums and the police as the organisation does not permit its employees to solicit Christmas donations from residents. This culture as indicated by the recent incidents offers criminal elements to defraud residents of their hard earned money. Residents can also contact Joburg Connect Call Centre on 0860 JOBURG / 0860 562 874.
For more information, contact:
Bulelwa Zimba
Cell: 060 982 0754
Tel: 087 357 1039
Email: bulelwazimba@pikitup.co.za

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