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Joburg Council discuss Pikitup Strike

The City of Johannesburg Councillors on Wednesday, 06 April 2016 collectively agreed in an Extra Ordinary Council sitting to mobilize communities for the cleanup of the metropolitan City amidst the ongoing illegal strike by Pikitup workers.

The decision was announced by the Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Cllr. Parks Tau in his closing remarks in Council where he applauded those residents and businesses who have partnered with the City in a bid to clean up the City.

Mayor Tau particularly welcomed and commended the private security sector’s announcement of a commitment on Tuesday, April 5 to avail additional resources to ensure the safety of deployed workers and service providers in the roll-out of contingency cleanup measures. Mayor Tau also reiterated his call to residents to utilize the Pikitup hotline 011 286 6009 to call for a pick-up truck or request cleanup tools and protective gear.

“It is important to clarify that the City is committed to addressing the issues of parity that will apply throughout the organization without compromising the financial structure of the City.

“We are also committed to investigating allegations against the Managing Director of Pikitup within the legal framework which prohibits us from starting an investigation of allegations with a suspension without any basis for that action,” Mayor Tau said.

“It was wrong of labour to disrupt interviews as a way of dealing with management and then taking to the streets without following due processes in place for labour disputes. We cannot be placed in a situation where we have to consult labour when we must appoint an MD or a supervisor,” Mayor Tau said.

The Councillors’ commitment comes after the House had heard that the 4000 Pikitup workers have been found guilty in a recent disciplinary hearing for their participation in an unprotected work stoppage. The City is now awaiting recommendations on sanctions for the respective individual employees.

The hearing was held on March 29, 30,31 and concluded on Tuesday April 05 whereby the workers were found guilty  on charges of gross misconduct related to their participation in the ongoing unprotected industrial action.

Johannesburg Speaker of Council, Councillor Connie Bapela said the Extra Ordinary sitting was convened in terms of Rule 16 of the Standing Rules of Council 2013.

“This was in order to afford the Johannesburg Executive Mayor an opportunity to brief Council on interventions underway to resolve the current labour impasse and restore waste management services to normality,” she said.

The Madam Speaker added that the sitting was also to afford Councillors an equal opportunity to engage the City’s Executive on the Strike, its impact and a way forward.



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